Another Comic finished

I can finally say that another huge comic by Doug TenNapel has been coloured in. The third and final book (as far as I know at this time) in the Nnewts saga. He made it Two hundred and twenty four pages long. There might be some little edits to do to it, but it feels better that it’s done now. I can blog without feeling guilty.

I haven’t had time for any of the things I thought I would have. I’m going to focus on my drawing skills from now on and leave colourist work behind me, I think. I need a break from it.

Here’s a little sketch I did a while ago of a couple of the characters out of the book.

Nnewts lizzark sketch

I quit twitter a couple of months ago. I didn’t feel it was a good platform for me. I’ll be blogging here more often now – I have to admit I’m a bit rusty at this. My sister has a very good art blog by the way – Thimble Folio Press. She has a knack for finding useful things and resources about art too, so check that out if you are interested.