Earthworm Jim Vinyl Artwork

Tommy Tallarico is a video game composer – he asked for some new and original artwork for a vinyl Earthworm Jim album that Blackscreen Records have been putting together. I made some new stuff in April, and sent him other illustrations I had made over the years, that he wanted to use as the artwork on the outer and inner album covers and vinyl labels.

You can read more about it on Rocket Worm: Earthworm Jim Anthology Vinyl.

Earthworm Jim Anthology Vinyl

Nnewts book 3

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted here. I have been rearranging my work-station quite a bit this year, so have been getting used to that.

I finished my colourist work on the final book in the Nnewts saga – Nnewts book 3 The Battle for Amphibopolis by Doug TenNapel last year. That is finally out! I hope you have a peek, it was a lot of fun (and a few sleepless nights) to work with Doug TenNapel on that. It’s published under Scholastic Graphix.

Big book – 215 pages – I needed an an egg timer and listened to Reverie by Ivan Torrent far too much. I had much needed help from Josh Kenfield, Kip Henderson and Christine Garner who “Flatted” the pages in random colours to help speed up the work-flow.

Anthigar the first Nnewt Doug TenNapel Nnewts
Anthigar the first Nnewt