Unicorn of a different colour

unicorn colours

I’m slightly obsessed with unicorns lately, so I had a go at drawing one. He turned out a little angry looking!

I did a basic shadow and highlight pass on it, and had a go at some alternate colour themes for it as an experiment.

Drawing a Dragon

I recorded another video as I drew this dragon (it’s perhaps more dog than dragon).
It shows the process of getting a rough down, refining the drawing and then flatting a base layer ready for colouring later.

Sad dragon flatted

Doodling Silly Monster Faces

I’ve finally figured out how to record myself drawing in digital art programs. I’m kind of new to this video recording stuff, so it isn’t anything fancy!
I really should add that it is sped up to 200% – so please set the speed to 0.5 if you wish to be lulled to sleep by the real-time speed.

Doodling random monsters in Mypaint.

random monster faces