Earthworm Jim inside the super suit

I finished colouring Earthworm Jim The Comic Book for Doug TenNapel on the 26th of September. There was a very tight schedule on this one, and the whole team who […]

I finished work on colouring a graphic novel called Creature Tech for Doug TenNapel last month.That will be published by Image Comics next year. I will be focusing on my […]

Gear new edition

The new edition of Doug TenNapel’s GEAR which I coloured for him, is out. I’m currently working on colouring another book for him. Doug TenNapel’s Gear – Doug TenNapel’s […]

Yellow Mermaid

It was a lovely day yesterday, so I sat outside and sketched a little mermaid.


Hello there. I thought I should re-start my blog. I’m going to be using this as a sketch blog I think. Apple done in coloured pencils.