Earthworm Jim Vinyl Artwork

Tommy Tallarico is a video game composer – he asked for some new and original artwork for a vinyl Earthworm Jim album that Blackscreen Records have been putting together. I made some new stuff in April, and sent him other illustrations I had made over the years, that he wanted to use as the artwork on the outer and inner album covers and vinyl labels.

You can read more about it on Rocket Worm: Earthworm Jim Anthology Vinyl.

Earthworm Jim Anthology Vinyl

Watercolour Sketches

I finally caved this week, and got a really nice art program called Rebelle 2. It’s really good at simulating watercolour paint and I can use it with other programs so that is ridiculously useful to me.

The main reason for this is although I have a draw full of old watercolour paints and like to work in water colour pencils when away from my computer, it is nice to have the ability to work in a looser style digitally and combine that with other things.

Dragon and octopus rebelle watercolour test
Here’s a silly test I did the other day.

I forgot about these images too – these are some scans out of my sketchbook I did earlier this year.