Watercolour Sketches

I finally caved this week, and got a really nice art program called Rebelle 2. It’s really good at simulating watercolour paint and I can use it with other programs so that is ridiculously useful to me.

The main reason for this is although I have a draw full of old watercolour paints and like to work in water colour pencils when away from my computer, it is nice to have the ability to work in a looser style digitally and combine that with other things.

Dragon and octopus rebelle watercolour test
Here’s a silly test I did the other day.

I forgot about these images too – these are some scans out of my sketchbook I did earlier this year.

Unicorn of a different colour

unicorn colours

I’m slightly obsessed with unicorns lately, so I had a go at drawing one. He turned out a little angry looking!

I did a basic shadow and highlight pass on it, and had a go at some alternate colour themes for it as an experiment.

Drawing a Dragon

I recorded another video as I drew this dragon (it’s perhaps more dog than dragon).
It shows the process of getting a rough down, refining the drawing and then flatting a base layer ready for colouring later.

Sad dragon flatted