Earthboy Jacobus

Long time since I have written.

I’ve been working on colouring Doug TenNapel’s Earthboy Jacobus Graphic Novel for most of the year so-far – I was really hoping to wrap this project up sooner, but that thing known as life got in the way. It’s making progress, and I hope to have it completed as soon as possible. It’s well over 300 pages long, so it is quite a large book. It was originally published in black and white in 2005, and Doug TenNapel will be getting it re-released in colour eventually.

Chief Edwards  retires from the Modesto Police Department, doomed to face a life of loneliness and insignificance. Everything changes when Chief hits a flying whale with his car. When he opens the beast’s mouth, he finds a boy from a parallel universe named Jacobus…

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