Hamsters and worms

I haven’t written here since last November, so I should do a little update on what I’m up to.

The short version is that I’m getting back into drawing everyday – It’s true that I had studied and intended to work in Illustration, but honestly I had switched my focus over the last few years to colouring things for other people. I’m in real need of updating my skill-set, and there’s only one way to do that.

It does mean clearing my gallery out from older work, so it may look a bit empty soon. It’s very out of date.

There is a little bit of news about the Earthworm Jim comic book I coloured for Doug TenNapel last year – if anyone missed out on getting a copy, it is currently available on Kickstarter: EARTHWORM JIM: Launch The Cow comic & NEW PRINT!

Some people might know that I have run a site dedicated to Earthworm Jim since 1998, so it was surreal being part of that.

I also made some new Earthworm Jim artwork too: Earthworm Jim on a Hamster.

I’m currently working on other things now…putting the EWJ stuff down for a little while. Hopefully I can update my portfolio a bit this year. That’s the aim.