Nnewts book 3

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted here. I have been rearranging my work-station quite a bit this year, so have been getting used to that.

I finished my colourist work on the final book in the Nnewts saga – Nnewts book 3 The Battle for Amphibopolis by Doug TenNapel last year. That is finally out! I hope you have a peek, it was a lot of fun (and a few sleepless nights) to work with Doug TenNapel on that. It’s published under Scholastic Graphix.

Big book – 215 pages – I needed an an egg timer and listened to Reverie by Ivan Torrent far too much. I had much needed help from Josh Kenfield, Kip Henderson and Christine Garner who “Flatted” the pages in random colours to help speed up the work-flow.

Anthigar the first Nnewt Doug TenNapel Nnewts
Anthigar the first Nnewt