Doodling Silly Monster Faces

I’ve finally figured out how to record myself drawing in digital art programs. I’m kind of new to this video recording stuff, so it isn’t anything fancy!
I really should add that it is sped up to 200% – so please set the speed to 0.5 if you wish to be lulled to sleep by the real-time speed.

Doodling random monsters in Mypaint.

random monster faces


A sketch of some type of wyrm dragon.

In a wash of colour.

Wurm dragon

I kind of like keeping things monotone too though. Bit undecided on this chap.

Wrym dragon monotone sketch

Griffin Work in progress

I’m working on personal projects at the moment. Since I like to draw animals, monsters and so-on I thought mythological creatures would be an interesting thing to do.

I’ve talked about “flatting” when it comes to colouring in comics in the past, but I’ve not shown what that meant – here is a work in progress of a Griffin illustration. Flatting is a nice way of getting the main colour blocks down under line art, and tweaking them before working into an image.

Griffin wip flat art layer
Just the flats showing
Griffin with line art layer
Flatted layer and line art