Time flies

I must apologise once again, for the white noise my site gives off. I’ve been busy finishing off the colours for Doug TenNapel’s Nnewts 3 (One rule of thumb for colouring comics is that there are usually a few rounds of edits and stuff before it’s completely done), and finishing a picture for a Make a Wish Foundation charity project called “Time Wreckers“. It’s by a very creative little boy called Noah Ingram, that my friend Ethan Nicolle kicked off – so many amazing artists are helping with it.

Here’s a little preview detail from mine.

timewreckers detail emily

When we were working on Nnewts 3, a nice lad called Kip Henderson helped out with Josh Kenfield – I wanted to help him learn a little more about colouring, but honestly I think the best place to check out for doing comic book stuff would be Jason Brubaker’s Coffee Table Comics Channel. I think it’s a very good resource. There’s a whole section devoted to colouring in comics.

Lately I’ve been making sure to read more often…books really help the brain and imagination. At least I’m hoping it helps me improve…I love reading. Two books I’ve read recently, are “The Neverending Story” by Michael Ende, and “Godzilla in Hell” – a really out there comic about Godzilla rampaging his way through and out of the various layers of hell. I thought it was pretty creative, and had a nice ending.

The Neverending Story is a really lovely book. I saw the film when I was very little, and it made a huge impression on me, so it was nice to finally read the original source.